Lewis Marks QC

"Each consultation is a tour de force of the law and clients come away with huge respect for him."

"He is renowned for his technical proficiency and superior courtroom skills."

Chambers & Partners 2019

"He is the most persuasive advocate I’ve ever seen in our profession."

Chambers & Partners 2019

Lewis Marks QC

"Each consultation is a tour de force of the law and clients come away with huge respect for him."

Call: 1984

Silk: 2002

One of the foremost practitioners and leading advocates in family law for over two decades, with particular expertise in complex financial and international disputes, and an uncanny knack of identifying the right answer.


Lewis has been consistently ranked in the highest band of the leading silks specialising in Family Law in The Legal 500 and in Chambers & Partners. He is amongst the first choice counsel for most of the leading solicitors for the heaviest of cases and the most intractable of disputes. He prioritises fair and rapid settlement wherever possible. Where settlement is elusive, he has the ear of the judges and consistently delivers advantageous outcomes for his clients. He has an informal, even sometimes casual, manner in and out of court, is accessible and empathic.


From the beginning of his practice he developed his advocacy skills in the criminal courts but since about 1995 he has practised exclusively in family law, and in particular in the sphere of “big money” financial remedies (financial provision following divorce) and ‘Schedule 1’ cases (financial provision for children of unmarried parents). He has appeared in many of the leading cases either as junior or, since 2002, as leading counsel.

Lewis has been a long-time member of the editorial board of the FLBA publication ‘At A Glance’ containing key information on all aspects of ancillary relief (and available in many good book shops and on e-reader), and a member of the team responsible for AAG Cloud © (formerly known as @eGlance ©). He is one of the founder authors of Financial Remedies Practice (now in its 10th edition).


“Lewis is a brilliant cross-examiner who is understated and personable but at the same time able to robustly present his client's case." "He's a persuasive, dogged advocate with a razor-sharp understanding of how cases evolve." "The most numerate practitioner at the Bar, his presentation of cases, analysis of numbers, and persuasive skills are unparalleled.”
Chambers & Partners 2022
“Sources extol his impressive all-round abilities both inside and outside the courtroom. ”
Chambers & Partners 2021
“He is renowned for his technical proficiency and superior courtroom skills.”
Chambers & Partners 2019
“Better than the majority of the family law world by a margin.”
Chambers & Partners 2019
“His numeracy is scary – he works things out in his head far more quickly that I can on a calculator.”
Chambers & Partners 2019
“He is the most persuasive advocate I’ve ever seen in our profession.”
Chambers & Partners 2019
“He’s head and shoulders above almost anybody else in silk at the Family bar.”
Chambers & Partners 2018
“A brilliant lawyer who is extremely numerate he runs these cases like an army manoeuvre.”
Chambers & Partners 2018
“Invariably his cases are so well thought through, so detailed, so well judged and really on the law.”
Chambers & Partners 2018
“…he has ‘unsurpassed numeracy and hard analytical skills,’ qualities that go some way to explaining his long, uninterrupted success in top matrimonial finance matters over the years. ”
Chambers & Partners 2018
“A go-to adviser in complex money disputes involving ultra high net worth individuals”
Chambers & Partners 2017
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  • Member of the Family Law Bar Association (FLBA) since 1985
  • Elected as a Fellow of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML) in 2004

Lewis is married to Philippa Johnson, a Family Mediator, past Chair of the Family Mediators Association, former editor of the Family Law Reports and currently of the Family Court Reports. They divide their time between Central London and France (at least when they can).

He enjoys eating, walking, skiing, watching cricket and listening to jazz and Country & Western music; but not necessarily in that order, and is the unlikely proprietor of a piano bar in Birmingham.

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