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Mediation is a fair and flexible way of resolving matrimonial disputes whilst avoiding the stress and delay of the court process and the associated costs of litigation. It is increasingly used for financial remedy and children disputes.

Mediation is a voluntary process that encourages co-operation, supportive relationships and better communication. An impartial mediator is appointed by the parties to assist them to reach their own decisions rather than having a decision imposed upon them by the court; the process is almost always quicker and less costly than court proceedings.

QEB’s mediation team offers the full range of family mediation models, including direct party-only mediations and represented mediations (with parties and their solicitors/counsel). In whatever format, QEB mediations benefit from our state-of-the-art expanded modern premises, and our mediators offer their experience in both money and/or child cases.

The aim is to help the parties explore and test their family and money options in a safe way, so that they can check whether a reasonable consensus is possible between them. The parties will have plenty of opportunity to consult their own legal advisors, and the parties are particularly encouraged to do that before they reach any legal-binding agreement.

QEB is a well-established provider of mediation services, both for domestic cases and international. Sir Alan Ward is currently the chair of the Civil Mediation Council and is a CEDR mediator. Tim Amos QC and Michael Hosford-Tanner are Resolution trained mediators, and Tristan Harvey is CEDR and FMC accredited and sees clients for pre-issue Mediation, Information, and Assessment Meetings (“MIAMS”). As an example of the diversity of our mediation offering, Tim Amos recently conducted a successful German-German children mediation in German.

Clients can be referred to a mediator by their lawyers or they may appoint a mediator at QEB directly.



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