Here are answers to some of the questions most frequently asked about pupillages and mini-pupillages at QEB.

Q: Is it worth applying to QEB if I have a 2.2?

A: QEB only considers applicants with a 2:1 degree result or above save in exceptional circumstances.

Q: Do I need to have studied family law?

A: No. From experience pupils pick up the necessary legal framework very quickly during the first few months of pupillage.

Q: Does QEB require candidates for pupillage to have a law degree?

A: No. Many of members of Chambers have read subjects other than law at university.

Q: How do I apply for pupillage at QEB?

A: QEB is a member of the Pupillage Gateway (formerly Pupillage Portal); applications should be made in the summer season. Details are available on the Pupillage Gateway website – click here.

Q: Should I undertake mini-pupillages?

A: We would normally expect applicants to have undertaken mini-pupillages; however, it is NOT necessary to have completed a mini-pupillage at QEB to be considered for a pupillage proper. Mini-pupillages are important for a variety of reasons: they give you an idea of what life as a barrister is like; you will get a feel for whether you are suited to a particular area of law; and you will find out about the character of a set of chambers. However, that said, we do not expect candidates for pupillage to have a string of mini-pupillages.

Q: How many pupils are kept on at the end of the pupillage year?

A: There is no quota at QEB. The number of tenancies offered will depend on the ability of the pupils and the available work in Chambers. However, as a guide, eight junior tenants have been taken on in the last six years.

Q: How are new tenants chosen?

A: See “After pupillage” page.

Q: How many pupils does QEB take?

A: Chambers usually offers two 12-month pupillages.

Q: Does QEB offer 3rd Six pupillages?

A: No.

Q: Do I need a computer?

A: Pupils are asked to have a lap-top (PC or Mac) before they arrive for pupillage. In the first few days an electronic diary will be installed along with several legal databases. Pupils are asked to install Microsoft Word and Excel before they arrive.

Q: What legal resources are available at QEB?

A: In addition to the library at QEB, pupils have access to various electronic legal resources which are installed on each pupil’s computer shortly after arriving in Chambers.

Q: Does QEB encourage pupils to get involved with FRU?

A: Yes, all pupils are encouraged to undertake pro bono work. QEB encourages and facilitates a pupil’s pro bono commitments, including FRU work, whenever possible.

Q: Where can I find out more about QEB?

A: Mini-pupillage is an excellent way to find out about QEB.