After pupillage

“Hotbed of talent”

Chambers & Partners 2020

All pupils at QEB are automatically considered candidates for tenancy within Chambers. The following process determines which pupils are taken on as tenants.


The decision as to which, if any, of the pupils are to be taken on as tenants is made after approximately ten months of pupillage, at a tenancy meeting in Chambers. Each pupil supervisor is required to conduct a monthly review of their pupil’s work and write a report on their pupil for the tenancy meeting. As part of the assessment process, pupils will undertake written assessments and a formal advocacy assessment.

Our aim is that a pupil is never kept in the dark as to their progress and, as well as receiving regular informal feedback from their supervisor, a pupil will be given their reports as and when they are written and invited to comment upon them. At QEB we think it important to make objective comparisons and therefore pupils will undertake written assessments and a formal advocacy assessment so that informed judgments can be made as to the pupils’ respective abilities.

Formal advocacy assessment

The formal advocacy assessment involves the presentation of a case to a panel of three senior members of chambers. The emphasis is not on the “right” legal answer, but rather assessing a pupil’s ability to argue a case persuasively.


While we recognise that pupillage can be an anxious and challenging time, it is our firm aim to ensure that the experience is enjoyable and that there is a healthy balance between assessment and training. QEB pupils who are not taken on have a very strong record of going on to obtain tenancies elsewhere. We endeavour to do all that we reasonably can, by way of advice and assistance, to help pupils not taken on to find a suitable placement on completion of their pupillage with us.